I blog therefore I am

It feels more blag than blog.  If I could just get the blog in the bag then it wouldn’t be a blag. So I’ll begin. Bugger. I’ve bitten off more than I can bite. Its all a bit ball busting.   And it gets depressing checking the  blog realising that I  no longer exist, except for when I wrote this. I  just end up sounding like a big bag of bollocks. If the Blog is the reality of my life, then I must be virtual reality. Shit!  I blog therefore I am.

4 thoughts on “I blog therefore I am

  1. blogging blagging snogging shagging, all that matters is that you're still here, there, anywhere, somewhere.
    have you read other blogs – they're bollocks too but heh I sit watching big bro every night – how bollocks is that? we LIKE bollocks – especially other peeps bollocks – surely you know that by now 😉
    stop talking bollocks and start writing it – WE NEED YOUR BOLLOCKS – the campaign must start here!

  2. Dear Sissay
    I share your idea. Money is good but it is not all what one need. The so-called “civilized” people consider us as pets. Even when they cage some birds in their home they don`t realize what they denied this birds (their freedom), they are interested only about the enjoyment they get from it.

  3. thanks for your message. I think you have placed it on the wrong part of the blog as yours is dated October 14th under my blog entry for august. Thanks for your kind message regarding the BBC world service article. I feel you on that.

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