And its monday morning

Strangely enough   I woke this morning and wrote the beginnings of a poem.Writing poetry is the only talent I have. It takes so much energy  to trynot to sabotage it   that i find myself  too tired to write. Arf Arf. Whatayagonnado.  I woke this morning and I wrote a piece and it felt good. Now I will let it rest.   When I say “talent” it’s all relative. Whether it is good or not is not the question. The action is all. That’s where it’s at for now.

Anywho. last week I  started jogging, in the morning around the park outside my apartment. People walk their dogs in the morning. There’s something magic about the mist lifting off the grass  to become a working cloud. It’s  as if they come down to sleep through  night.  There’s something  about a school of whales that reminds me of mist rising. But the two don’t mix. The two don’t mix; the jogger and the dog walker. The two don’t miiiix.

Each morning yo can see me high tailing it through the mist legs in the air some pathetic whine coming out of my mouth as  a snarling freak show of rabid  dogs chase  me.  Chiwowa, Alsatian Poodle, Beadle Bulldog Doberman. They are united by  one primal need –  Savage the black man.  I know it’s not a race thing. But I don’t see any black people walking their dogs in the morning on millfield park in London.

But writing is not the only talent I have. That’s rubbish. I can blow bubbles. I learned how to do it as a teenager. It’s actually quite disgusting and I stopped as I left adolescence a couple of years ago. When I say blow bubbles I am not talking about Michael Jacksons Pet Chimp who happens to be called Bubbles. That would be wrong and illegal and also
unhealthy.  I didn’t blow bubbles. I can just blow bubbles.    I’m going out for a run. I’ve talked myself into my own culdesac and I can’t find a reverse.

Writers Log:  Ciptain Kark.

Stardate zero seven seven two zero zero six. Captains Log.  Toilet blocked with Captains log. Must. Ask. Scott. Make Flush Work So log can boldly go. Stop. Stop.

Back to the ship. Woke this morning and wrote. Doesn’t matter whether it is good or not. Wrote.  There was  a flicker of light throughout the ship as if electricity surge. Could it be that the ships power derives from the exercising of creative energy. Spock spock!


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