Tips to change the world.

The Americans are a complex turn of events for the English. When faced with the American the  English, often revert to stereotypes. This portrays  not only a lack of understanding but an unwillingness to see. It reflects more upon the English than their subject matter.

Service culture here in the US  is by far the best in the world. In England it is by far the worst. Why is that so? Why in England do waiters act as if  it is below them to
serve you.  Why do shop assistants feel it is below them to work with you. Why does the English customer feel afraid to say “this is not good enough” when it comes to bad food or a stitch dropped in a jumper (sweater).

 This brings me to the tip system. I settle on 15 percent. The tip system is a respectful way of thanking those who serve you. A guy working the card table  at a casino if he makes 1 dollar on each game can make 200 dollars a night in tips. England – take up the tip system and stop being a wacko.   Service will get better, life will get smoother. People will be more polite and waiters will be the ball, war will stop, the NHS will get better, Global warming will cool it’s boots! Oh but that would be too simple wouldn’t it.

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