The bears.

I am deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I am not  only surrounded by spectacularly angular mountains but I am staying half way up  one of them. I am in what the pioneers have called Tunnel   Mountain, and what the Aborigine   peoples have always know as  Sleeping  Buffalo.

Tomorrow I shall climb to its peak.  I shall. I shall climb to its peak and look out from the top of the world. And I shall shout  at the clouds   and the sky and the galaxies and I shall scream out to the milky way and the   comets and the atmosphere and the planets that circle the earth.

And no doubt I’ll trip unpoetically and unceremoniously over a baby elk  “nyaaagh” and the only sound in this peaceful place will be  an   elongated echoey   “ooooooooaaaagghhhhuuuu” interupted occassionally with   a Homer-esque  “Doh” and  “Ouch”. These sounds will carry on  echoing by the tranquil mountain  until I land in the silence of   the valley. Why so silent? Why no wildlife?

The bears! Sheeyat, the bears.

5 thoughts on “The bears.

  1. I am the alien. Creamed coffee. A minor oddity in middle america. It does not matter. I'm not black, I'm not white. I am human.
    I'm sorry Madonna “rankles”. But to a child growing up, opportunity matters. Your stealing babies perspective is valid. Madonna's saving babies is also a valid perspective. The problems are in the details and I only have questions. I would not trade my ethnic discomfort for poverty or a life without education. I may “look” to you like I belong in “aboriginal place of your imagination” Trust me…. I don't.
    While I don't doubt the existance of Vogue. Good deeds done for dubious reasons require time for a true telling. Being taken vs Being left. What's the big deal? We all need therapy. Being alive and able to afford therapy is priceless.
    You are finding your place in the world. As an artist traveling the western world, I hope you can appreciate the size of your opportunity. Your path must be traveled. Consider our loss if you had been denied the pain. Babies are humans deserving of “the shot”. Don't fail to launch the lifeboat just because they all can't fit.
    No matter where you go. There you are. B Bonzai

  2. Lemn! You were amazing at The Poetry Cabaret! I didn't get to tell you after the show, but Invisible Kisses made me remember why I write poetry AND why I love who I do. Thanks for a great reading Saturday night and I only wish I could have hung out afterwards. BTW, did you and Saadi get in to his whiskey after all?
    Jen Cameron, your WordFest host!

  3. thanks Jen. I enjoyed myself too. You can get Invisible Kisses on my web page under poems and you can download it in English and in Spanish. There is also a live recording of it on The Recordings Page.
    I'm leaving the rocky mountains of Banff for the beautiful city of Vancouver. Your country, Canada, is extremely beautiful.

  4. Nyaaaagh!
    Hi, yup, stumbled over your blog plodding through the BBC website and associated links! I liked your poem 'Gold from the Stone', and have enjoyed going through some of your blog posts.

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