We are in the studio. I am amongst actors and it’s all good. Love being around actors and artists. David who is playing the Rabbi talks in the green room about Woody Allen whom he met recently while acting in his latest film.  This story followed  Adjoah Andoh who was with Maya Angelou recording With Great Pleasure at The Late Paris Studios on regent st.

Now there’s a conversation right there. And next they were going to be reading my piece on the radio THE QUEENS SPEECH by Lemn Sissay.  Not many times you get to hear that on the BBC  in your lifetime. They are a good confident hard working and focussed team consisting of  Carla Henry, David Horovitz, Adjoa Andoh and Anjali Jay. And they are bang on with the script. They get it.  Eoin the producer is in control.

Guardian photographer turns up to do a shoot with me in the studio  for Portrait of an artist – a page in G2 – but the shoot doesn’’t work. The studio is too small. We organise to do it next week. The final speech is recorded.  The day ends and all I can do is wait for tomorrow. Broadcast day.  The Rabbi in my piece I have named Rabbi Hattenstone in respect of the man who got me and the gf together, Simon Hattenstone.

As soon as the recording ends I leg it across London to The Hayward Gallery where I meet Whitney McVeigh and to my absolute pleasure I am taken around The Hayward Gallery by the wonderful curator of the latest exhibition “60 years of British Art How to Improve The World”.  This is two hours of extreme art concentration. What I find amazing is how influential those artists are. I am absolutely shattered but the exhibition stays with me long long after leaving. I am slightly changed by it. Me and whits go for a drink to discuss the exhibition.

I leg it home. Yesterday I made egg fried rice, and sweet and sour smoked tofu – with green pepper onions cashews and all. There’s still some left yes! Oh yes. Some chinese food is even better the day after. Especially late at night, slightly tipsy.

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