Iput my Ipod on for I High Pleasure

 I think there was a rasta at Apple HQ and a colleague of his lost Apples latest  prototype The POD. Only two were in existance at that point.  But the designer lost one  and was panicking. . He goes to his rasta colleague who is building the next supercomputer “Hey Ibrahim, you sure your Pod is not my Pod” and this is when Ibrahim the hardware designer coined the term. He’d been here before – things go missing people look at the guy with the dreadlocks right. But he’s cool    “nahh man this is I pod”.  And so the phrase IPOD was born.

I just bought an ipod on Tottenham Court Road. It’s the bomb – just what I wanted. Ridiculous that I could have got it for about half the price in America a few weeks ago.  If anyone knows how to transfer music from one freakin ipod to another then please let me know.  I bought an ipod beacause being “hip  to da Chunes” is important .  So does my next purchas, some slippers from Next,  count?

After these perfect purchases  I walk into the afternoon and  Soho to check out the agent, Sophie Laurimore’s, new offices and new agency. She has moved from PFD to William Morris. She is so happy it’s a delight to be around her and a perfect time for us to talk developments. We finished an extremely productive meeting. And then it’s off to Piccadilly. I love Soho and Central London at Christmas time. As long as you got your scarf and your warm the city can talk to you. It’s a whisper, a growl, a song and a scream. Early evening stretches its arms across the city.

Darkness drops like dark dust and the city lights finger there way through.

Hedges and Butler is an arts club based in Piccadilly. I heard that it was (or still is) the cellar for The Royal Winery.  Whitney McVeigh my friend and artist is giving a talk on her work which has just finished its exhibition at Charing Cross Gallery.  Whitney talks to an assembled group of fascinating individuals.  There’s a man who looks like Andy Warhol a woman who looks like Demi Moore and loads of good good people – perfect reflection of who Whitney is. Her talk is wonderful powerful and vibrant and after a strong Q and A we retire to the bar to talk art and “stuff”.

The GF is here too which is ace and She and Whitney get into deep conversation in two cosey chairs. While I talk to the wife of one of whitneys friends about the theory of binary opposites. I realise and I admit to sounding a bit intense.   It’s just such a great theory and I seem to be appropriating it as my own personal religion. Whitneys sister is here and her husband. So too Whitneys closest friend and Novelist Kirsty with husband David who is the editor at Granta.   Books line the  walls of the living room come bar area.  . It is a series of arches beneath Piccadilly. We are underneath the arches underneath the night. 

Me and the GF go for Vietnamese in China Town and curl home. 

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