Suicide Note

Today, Saturday, while writing I receive this email.
I have taken out the identifying details.

“Hello Lemn
I do not know if you remember me but I was part of the group who you worked
 with in XXXXXXXXXX during 2005. You came and did a workshop for some of the Looked after Children in XXXXXXXXXX and then went on to record the cd and poetry collection.  We then had a launch of the cd in XXXXXXX which you kindly attended and the Young people recited some of their poetry.  Sadly one of the Young People recently committed suicide after a troublesome few weeks for him, you may have been contacted about this already but I just wanted to email you to let you know that one of favourite moments over the last few years was when he worked with you at the workshop and that he was always asking if you would be coming again to XXXXXXXXXXXXX.  I have attached a picture of the group and XXXX is the young man lying in the front of group.  He will be sadly missed by all of his friends and people he came into contact with, but we do have the cd and pictures to remember him by.”  

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