Rankin and Bukowski in a day! Love it.

Damn my head hurts. I’ve got a thumping hang over.  A herd of rabbits are running on sheets of steel inside my head.   Spoke to Francis at Canongate books today who have just bought a new Charles Bukowski manuscript. Yes. You heard it here first. A new Charles Bukowski script will be published by Canongate Books!

Met with Ruth Borthwick, head of Literature at the South Bank and my lit agent Emily Hayward who is off to LA for a screening after our meeting. The meeting outlined the projects of my residency at The South bank for the whole of next year.  It is so freaking productive The residency is going to be an absolute blast. It is very exciting!

Meanwhile The PR people sent over the contact sheet for The Rankin Photo shoot.  Rankin is probably the most famous photographer of popular culture in britain.  he’s shot everyone from Madonna to Kate Moss Pete Dopherty blah blah… The quality of his shots is amazing. I am not joking. He’s sent the contacts so I could choose which ones I like. The standard is really high. Rankin has chosen three that her really likes and wants to use in the exhibition.  And there is no way I am going to choose otherwise.  If he chooses a picture then that’s the one I will have. I do not say this in a sycophantic way. I know my shit.  But the contacts were so good –  there were so many shots to choose from – that I realised that it is the keen eye of him as a photographic artist  that can find the better diamond amongst a heap of diamonds.  Whereas I, the punter, might just say Diamonds!

I wanted to keep the contact sheet, such was the quality. That’s something I haven’t requested before.  I couldn’t and they were biked back.

I walk across the thames to an scoot home. I scoot across the thames and walk home. I walk and scoot and scoot and walk.

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