A cold sunday in christmas, in London. Meet at the opposite end of the Waterloo Bridge, off the strand,  at Somerset house where a rink has been built. A group of the GF’s friends are going Ice Skating and I am too. Weyhey!

Between the rink sessions it is cleared and cleaned – this is why the picture below is of an empty rink.  Turns out that the woman who is Public Events organiser at Somerset House is Linda Berndhart (check spelling) whose home I stayed at about ten years ago in Jo’burg South Africa when she was an events organiser over there.

I meet Linda and we laugh at the power of coincidence. “Enjoy yourself” she says with an inimitable smile and we wave goodbye.  On the rink I do many impressions of a man waving windmillish with both arms, meanwhile my legs  are doing an impression of some drunkard trying to dance to hip hop. I get knocked down – but I get up again. Yay!

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