Saturday Live BBC Radio 4

8.30 am and I’m speeding through London in a car sent by the BBC for a show called Saturday live on BBC radio Four at Portland Place . It’s my job to write three poems for the programme on the issues of the programme. I wrote the bulk of them yesterday and I was up at 5am cleaning them up as best I could.   This process is very challenging which is why I do it.  Click on me here and you can see what I did

Part of the reason I really enjoyed this programme was meeting  Sandi Toksvig ttp:// of whom I am a fan.  She is a cross between the librarian in the library of everything and a favourite aunt or sister.    

By 10 am  the programme’s over and I am in London buying presents for the GF. I have the list.  Oxford Street is crazy but I am loving this.  Receive CD through post. Apparently I am on it. It is called Europe Speaks.

Europe speaks.  Blaaaaaaaah Blah. Yadeedaaadeeeyaa yaaa.

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