Indian Touchdown Chennai – 29th to 2nd February

Here is the picture outside the front door of our apartment so it is not without displeasure that I travel to India today.


Until the British arrival in the 17th century India was one of the richest countries in the world. I am travelling to the largest democracy in the world were at least twenty languages are spoken by one billion people.  As the plane skips down onto the landing strip I wonder how such a small place as England could colonise such a great country.  Landing strips are the dark lines in the palm. 

I amstaying at The Park hotel in Chennai in Southern India. It’s beautiful. I catch an auto rickshaw every day cause I love it. Me and the GF visited a couple of temples They are here click and here click. The main religion is Hindu and the temples are beautiful. The first temple has a lake attached to it. There is a floating festival in tomorrow but we shall miss it.  

Within the two days of arriving  at The Park Hotel in Chennai    formally known as Madras –   Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother  and Indian company TATA  buys Biritish Steel Company Corus.   Chennai is part of the state of Tamil Nadu.  Throughout the city the shops are full to bursting. The food is incredible and the mood is upbeat.  Chennai is hot, just what I need at the end of a dour January in England.  Here is a picture outside my apartment before I leave.  The British council have brought me here through apples and snakes for a short tour.

On 31st I give a workshop at British Council Offices and on 1st I give a reading. Both are postive experiences a perfect introduction to India.


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