You are So Perfect

Her is the poem Perfect which I read on Satruday Live on BBC Radio FOur. I will be appearing next on 31st March 9am


You are so perfect
When you kick them the  leaves flit  to the trees
Look back  to you and applaud
You are so perfect
Trees part in forests to share
suns shine
Squirrels watch you between
Foxes wake.

You are so perfect
Your winter coat buttons
itself  and hugs your heart
Library books unfurl   on tables, stretch
And wait for you to walk past Fast winter wind daren’t touch
But can’t help  brush your hair. 

You are so perfect
Rivers have built there own
Knowing that one day you’ll walk
across them –
Just to catch your reflection
they left a pile of stones for you to throw
And the waves carry each stone to
the bed count them
look up at you and applaud.

You are so perfect
Traffic lights time themselves
days before you arrive
So your stride won’t be broken
and the cars can rest
And the world can stop.
Tables in the city resteraunts
lay themselves to the waiters amazement
Knowing that a man  will stop for a coffee
knowing that you  will walk past at 3.30pm
And he’d been waiting for you all
of his life too.


5 thoughts on “You are So Perfect

  1. I was lucky enough to hear you read Perfect at my college about 10 years ago. It has been the only poem that I have remembered the words to, and whenever I am sad it makes me smile.

    Thank you.

    I just hope that when we have it read at our wedding next August it can get even close to being as beautiful as when you read it.

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