A day in the life.

I am in Sweden but I am performing in Alsager college in Uk at 7.30pm tonight – here's the journey. 

Up at 6am get plane from Umea to Stockholm. Arrive 10am Next wait hours in airport. Then catch  Plane from Stockholm to London. Arrive  4pm  at London Heathrow.  Then catch a plane from London to Manchester. Arrive  manchester 5pm. Wait thirty  minutes and catch a train to wilmslow. Arrive Wilmslow. 6pm. Get train from Wilmslow and arrive crewe at 4 minutes to 7pm. Get taxi toAlsager  venue and arrive at 7.20pm.  Get on stage at 7.30pm. Finish at 9pm. Have quick drink where one of audience members tells me how glamorous it is to be travelling around the world.  Check in at hotel in alsager at 10pm. Have a beer and sleep at 11.30pm.

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  1. I had to fight with my computer to get this far so I really hope this message will reach you Lemn!
    I have just read your foreword in the book In search of belonging, I really connected with what you wrote!
    I was born in Ethiopia and adopted to Sweden as a little baby. I was born a triplet and one of my brothers where also adopted to sweden but to a different family, he grew up in Umea actually! I moved to London 11 years ago with my husband and very much enjoyed the freedom “blending in” a bit more, we live in Notting Hill and we are happy with our life here in UK.
    I have just found TTAG and that has been really good. To have friends who understand what you feel! I would like to find friends who have the connection with Ethiopia. In Sweden there are so many of us!! Anyway, I look forward to get to know more about your work and hopefully catch your show at some point.
    Thank You again for those very important words in the book!
    Lots of Love, Tsehaynesh

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