Something Dark

I spend all day in bed today. All day. I can’t get out. It’s not tiredness. It’s something
else. Something Dark.  My radio series begins on radio four this afternoon but I can’t bring myself to listen to it. Not to myself. Not now. Not at all.  It’s the end of the day and I realise that I should have been At The Royal Opera Housetoday  reading at a  conference for
Europeace, regarding violence and young people.  This month I have not showed up to three readings. I have lost thousands of pounds of work this month. 

7 thoughts on “Something Dark

  1. Don't worry about listening to Terminates here. Others are doing that – i for one. Great radio. Looking forward to the rest.

  2. Okay Lemn does this mean you are going to perform a something dark 2, about the time you went to London and was surrounded by the people with money,who want to be part of it all? Keep things simple mate, whats money anyway, you didnt have money in Atherton but was always smiling , them photos are good but enjoy what you are now, im sure theres still that same raw kid in there somewhere. James.

  3. Hey james,
    thanks for your message. There'll be no Something Dark 2 though. It took me twenty years to write such an searing autobiographical play – though it was funny too. So maybe in another twenty years there'll be another.
    There are as many poor people as there are rich, in London. I hope I'd never move for money. You might not know but I only moved here to be with the GF.
    You're right when you say “keep things simple”. You're absolutely bang on the money!
    All best

  4. Lemn, Heard last episode today. Thanks for a moving series, and powerful piece of radio.
    Who played the piano and wind instruments, was it the producer? Nice mix and evocative.
    Any others in the pipeline? I know how badly paid radio is, but it was good to read that Channel 4 are trying to start new stations that might challenge BBC monopoly.
    Thanks agin.

  5. Sorry for this late reply Widdas. The music? I am not sure who played but it was from a recording. The BBC has no monopoly in either analog or digital.
    The more radio stations the better.

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