Duwayne Brooks

Had meeting with planning and surveyors department in The City, the financial district of
London.  There’s this piece of land smack bang in the most financially productive real estate in Britain if not Europe. Fen Court.The planners are commissioning an artist and myself to fill it with a poem sculpture. I’m not the best at meetings but considering that life is really just a set of meetings I thought best go. Michael Visocchi from Edinburgh is the artist and he has done a heck of a lot of work on it, having made models of the area.  The commission is a commemoration of the abolition of transatlantic slavery. It’s a big deal. It’s  The City of London.  

Meeting Film Producer Paul Sapin at Old Street to go over a documentary idea we have at a TV company. While waiting I get a pat on the back. The smiling healthy face of
Duwayne Brooks
greets me. Duwayne is the boy (now man) who was with Stephen
when he was killed.   After a battering by the press and some alleged dark double dealings by his (and stephens) then lawyer  he wrote with Guardian Writer Simon Hattenstone a beautiful book called Steve and me.   Doreen Lawrence, Stephens mother did everything in her power to stop the book coming out and it eventually had to be

Duwayne  was painted in the press as being the bad boy who took Stephen down the wrong route, but  facts show a different story,  clearly Doreen Lawrence does not want the public to know. He has just returned from his lawyers. The book will come out, he is determined and rightly so. If you just knew what he had been through.

Paul arrives the minute Duwayne leaves and we have another meeting for an hour or so about this idea which we are to talk  to Channel Fours  on Thursday morning. The meetings on Thursday is at 9.30am. Who has meetings at 9.30am. Me, apparently.   Doh!

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