“When we speak of ‘The City’ we are in fact referring to a privately owned Corporation – or Sovereign State – occupying an  irregular rectangle of 677 acres and located right in the heart of the 610 square mile ‘Greater London’ area. The population of  ‘The City’ is listed at just over four thousand, whereas the population of ‘Greater London’ (32 boroughs) is
approximately seven and a half million.” 

10am.  I Meet Michael Vissocchi at Arts and Business buildings in SE1. It’s in an office by Tower Bridge. You’ll see in this picture of the bridge there are two cylindrical connectors between each of the towers.  These are actually long rooms with views of the city and this is where I had my first liaison with The Journalist. It was a private party for BBC and we
danced away to a live jazz band and drank champagne above the bright lights of the city at night.

Anywho, I’m just around the corner from there at the Futurecity arts offices to discuss what is the most  radical Commission to commemorate the Abolition of slave trade. The commission is from this Europe’s largest financial square mile – much of its  wealth is dependant on the passt, particularly, the  slave trade. The cash flow of yesterday affect today.  There’s a big meeting room and five of us and the middle is the model of the structure which the sculptor proposes.   My poem will be written throughout it. The
question is… will it be launched this year, the year of abolition!   Finish meeting at 12. 

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