I meet Mamta at 11 and then on to a meeting at 12 which was absolutely brilliant. I think Mamta is tired, wish she was here for longer and I’m afraid I am not the best host.  I haven’t had an alcoholic  drink for seven days and I feel very clear.  I’m tea total now.  The Black Dog has not only disappeared but evaporated like the vampires on Buffy The Vampire slayer.  Afterwards at about five I travel deeper into London to Covent Garden  and meet Jo, my friend from Bristol who is in London for the evening. Her husband andy pink is a brilliant sound man and is overseeing the sound at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Jo used to have an art gallery in Manchester for years specialising in Native American art and in particular five or so artists who she visits in the US. She’s a specialist and having moved away from manchesterand closed the gallery has continued this love through her website rainmakerart . They are a very cool couple and live in Bristol. 

I buy a man bag on Neal Street, it is a treat for myself of  the money I’ve saved through abstinence this week. This bag is so hip and absolutely the same as the one I have at the moment that’s falling to pieces.  It is great to see Jo. It’s great to see friends like Jo.   I’ve biked it into town and I am biking it just about every day now – it’s the most invigorating thing and gives me a total view on London. I travel into the heart of London via canal. There’s swans and stork and geese and fish and barges that people live on and a pace like sunlit ripples.  

Ipod. Check. Bag. Check. Friends. Check. Water. Check. Phone. Check. Charged. Check. Happy. Check. Life. Check. Is. Check. Good. Check


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