Carla’s at the National

Yesterday I biked from Hackney through Broadway onto Regents Canal to islington down pentonville road down past the bookshops of charring cross and capital radio of Leicester square, down past St martin in the fields and the national portrait gallery, past the south African embassy  through Trafalgar square onto Whitehall, onwards and upwards  to the embankment over the bridge and into the office at The South Bank.   I arrive about ten am, and begin my day. I did the same today. I’ll do the same tomorrow. The decision is made. If I am to get to know the organization and the difference I can make I just got to be

I meet my friend the actor from Manchester – Carla Henry. Carla was the black girl in the hit tv series Queer As Folk and was the central character in Storm, a play I wrote a few years ago. She is acting in a play at The National Theatre at the moment until November. The national theatre is right next to The South Bank which is cool.  She’s here until November which is great. We meet at the café Eat and catch up Carla shoots off to perform a matinee show and I curl back to the South Bank Offices. It’s all good.

I go into the office to see if I can get a desk. I get a desk.   Later I Meet Carla and her friends after her matinee show at The National. They are Simon Stephens a playwright  , Emma an actor from shameless and Adam also in the play with carla. Simon
won a Manchester evening news award  and we were talking about it. He said “ it’s hard enough being a writer without entering competitions”. We all sat outside the national and talked of one of the most offensive and personal reviews.  Some reviewers
seem to have fun finding creative insults for vulnerable and new writers. Kinda
despicable. Carla is wonderful. The sun is shining. The coffee is gorgeous. I return to the office which is an interesting place.

It’s my mate the actor Shobna’s birthday. She’s a dream and she is in London which is just brilliant. But she’s in West London.  I’ll be there tomorrow for a recording. Maybe
see her. This is a bit of a crap blog entry isn’t it. Ahh well. It’s in now. Friends are a good thing.

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