Eating Cheese after Carmen Jones

I’ve been at the South bank since about 11.30am today and I’ve been there each day since Tuesday morning: Monday to Thursday last week too. I start around 10.30am and end around 4pm to five.  At the moment I want to be there as much as possible.  I’ll tell you what I am actually doing there once the Southbank blog is up and running. I am hot desking at the moment,  and it is kinda cool. It means I get to meet different people in the organisation , it’s kinda fun and challenging too. I’ve been self employed for fifteen eyars now, a stark contrast to the arts institution.Today, the woman sat next to me who used to
work at ENO and loves working here allowed  me two tickets to see Carmen Jones.  

Carmen jones!

“Thank god it’s not Carmen Jones in Hip Hop” says the journalist as she links me and enters the building. She’s seen Carmen  various times and has been a fan of the musical since her teenage years so this is a real treat. It’s her first time to see Carmen Jones.  It makes me feel good that she feels good.  The piece is three hours long and it went in the blink of a why-so-short

Tears, laughter awe, shock. I didn’t realise how majestic and all consuming  the world created before me was  until it ended and the audience sat as the house lights came up, in a few seconds of shock before the rapturous applause flooded  the stage. As if to say “no, not yet”.    At home the journalist said “I’m going to eat cheese so I can relive it in my dreams”.  

There are loads  more ways I could write this review; of the dance set pieces; the
direction, the voices, the costume, the orchestra, the conductor, the set, the casting
but I am afraid I am not going to. But I would be here forever if I started. I could compact it and turn the phrase to articulate. But I am too tired, just short of exhausted.  Coincidentally yesterday  I met a friend of mine in Kings Cross at a bar called The Big Chill.  One of the elad actos was there too.

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