Why I Shouldn’t Put Emails Before Creativity.

I’m a dribbeling mess of incomprehension staring at the computer screen, reading the ERROR message, again. My battle plan to retrieve my email goes like this: Press send and receive . And the result? Another error message!! Press again. It comes up again. Think a little about all the things I could do to solve the email programmes problem and press again. And there it is staring at me The Error Message. My life is one big ERROR FREAKIN MESSAGE. One big burning shoot hole of bilious error messages. My life is a herd of error messages charging through a country called ERROR. I’m like homer simpson trying to get the cans of beer that have because of some preposterous series of vents have become tangled around a pylons electric wire - he climbs up it and reaches for the cans, each time he touches them he gets electrocuted. But he continues, - Doh! - until the entire towns power is short circuited and plunged into darkness. That entire town is my head and the beer cans are the computer. And my circuits are exploding every time I press……. OUCH!!... the... OUCH!!!...send and receive ...FREAKIN OUCH!!!! ....button ..."EYAGHH". Read more [...]