One Million listeners. One Leaning tower and Radio One and One Butterfly.

I love writing. I love what I do. And look what subject matter I have to work with. In some ways I don’t care if my poems are published or not. One can always proclaim not to care about bing published after being published. Let me try and explain. Publishing a poem is sometimes like displaying the butterfly. It has a barely visible pin through its heart and is displayed in the case so that people who see it can marvel at the wingspan, it’s glorious patterns, the intricate detail of a magnificent creature in mid flight. Poems are like flocks of butterflies forming shapes and horizons pictures narratives and landscapes. It is our jobs as writers to catch one make the pin invisible, so that you can look at them and feel it fly in your imagination. But as we write them, as they come alive they fly in ours. The publication of a book for me, is a funeral as well as a birthday. The beautiful beautiful butterfly in the beautiful display case. Read more [...]