There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing..

Dang I feel down today. Down down down. I’m here in Manchester devising a show for the Lyric Hammersmith. Like the beginnings of most creative projects there’s a birthing process. Manchester where yes it is grey and yes it is rainy and yes it is dark, is slightly depressing? I dunno. It isn’t the city. It’s a beautiful city with some incredible people. And truthfully, it isn't the weather either. . Weather is neither good or bad. It is weather. It doesn't do anything wrong to be bad or right to be good. Read more [...]

Put down the cross . We Need the wood for a fire!

Tring Tring. The phone rings. I need broader shoulders but damn how broad must they be. Tring tring it rings again. I'm in the middle of devising this piece Tring tring. I received the news that my agent at William Morris Agency is leaving me after a shake up in the company. I saw it coming. They saw it coming. Tring freaking tring. This after a day earlier I met her assistant who is dealing brilliantly with live readings. She’s goes too. The penny drops in slow motion. Read more [...]