Manchester! It’s totally ZUZU!

I arrive at the Malmaison hotel and meet Maxine Wrigley MBE in The Northern Quarter, a very hip part of Manchester. It's like parts of Soho in Manhattan, believe it or not. We go to The Bay Horse. Maxine works for A National Voice that works for children in care run by people who were in care themselves. Within ANV there’s Supersonic which was launched at The cinnamon club in Westminster a while ago – it’s in the blog somehwere. Supersonic is a short film and website about people who were in care and who ahve gone on to be leaders in their fields, barristers, television presenters, top footballers etc. The best example of supersonic success is Ivor Frank who after leaving care went from being a bin man to a barrister. Mr Frank has been a central motivator in the achieving of The Children in Care Act which will be ratified by The Queen in October. Read more [...]