The Card Trick in Slow Motion.

Me though? I’m the card trick. That it is me is  the trick. There is no slight of hand, nothing up my sleeve. No smoke and mirrors. No quick hand movements so the King stays in the palm but seems moved to the other. When you point at the card and say “it’s that one” you are right. It is that one. You got the Ace.  That is the trick.  No.It’s not. The trick is that  it’s me. I shouldn’t be alive.  If you want to know the trick. It’s me. Can’t you see it|? I shoudn’t be here. I shouldn’t be anywhere. I shouldn’t be alive.  Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Pop Whoosh. And the final  trick, the one that I’ve got to pull off for myself is to see that there is no trick at all. The ace!

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