Fingers in so many pies I can’t tell which is burning!

The nights have got darker,  the days shorter the work load heavier. October is always as such.  The Christmas adverts have begun. The inexorable slide into enforced cheeriness is upon us all. The Adverts,  the dancers with stiff smiling faces,  the high pitched game show  voice overs, the squeaky pig tailed children clutch dolls in the  Ritalin world of Bright things. Primary colours ooze out the LCD screen with the distorted childs voicein a loop Buy MeBuy  Me Buy Me

It’s been a week that was . On Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I was  writer in residence at The NALD confererence  surrounded by Mountains in  the picturesque town of Kendal on the lip of The Idyllic Lake District. The view from the hotel window was breathtaking. Friday and Saturday back in London busy writing the narration  for The Lost Boys Of Africa a radio docu-drama to be broadcast on BBC Radio Four on  7th November. And today, Sunday I’ll be in the studio recording it.

Two things I regret so far, this month. One is that I swore on stage at an event for a
group called Blackdrop in Nottingham. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading, but I swore on stage and sometimes forget how lethal the swear word can be in the minds of some people. And secondly I didn’t have the opportunity to finish an article for poetry review – an article I have been truly wanting to write.  I shall write the article anyway and I shall see what happens. 

On another note altogether.   Isn’t bonfire night – November 5th – glorification of  terrorism. How does  it look to an outsider as we celebrate the burning of a man “guy fawkes”. How does it look as we simulate explosions in memory of his attempt to blow up parlaiment.  How might it seem as we pull baking potatoes from the fire and eat them? The
celebrations seems slightly suspect in the light of recent events. This is England’s dilemma. On the one hand it wants to be a world leader an example of modernity. And on
the other it enacts an arcane  virtually pagan ritual in the burning of a man on a fire.

The art of being a writer is not to be busy, but to be.

4 thoughts on “Fingers in so many pies I can’t tell which is burning!

  1. Hey Lemn, just signed up, saw you in Petersfield last night at the studio, loved it!
    I've often wondered the same thing about 'Bonfire Night', it does seem like a glorification of terrorism.
    I made a joke about Ritalin last night, hope you didn't take it personally, I made the joke purely to make you and everybody laugh, so i'm really sorry if I offended. I have ADHD myself, as does an old friend of mine, and both Ritalin and Dexydrine (sp?) are crap, all they did was make us both paranoid (she had Ritalin while I had Dexydrine) and edgy, like a hyperactive person actually NEEDS to be edgy, right? Haha!
    Also, i'll be buying your books, your poetry is awsome!

  2. Hi Daniel
    I will tell you now your question about Ritalin was in no way offensive to me and in actual fact I thought it was funny, whcih I think was the aim. It caught me off guard , but that is no bad thing in a post performance question and answer session. Thanks for your above comments too. I am proud that you enjoyed the reading, as did I!

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