Jump in the puddle and fall through the Sky

The show I saw last night,  was called An Oak Tree written and performed by Tim Crouch and a guest actor.  It's the first time it has been performed here in England. It was a big hit in New York. I went with Julie who recently Co Starred in Ken Loach's award winning film. We laugh alot.  Our senses of humour click which is always a good thing.  The event was a live recording  for BBC World Drama.

I must go out more  and see shows, drama, dance, literature and music. I could not be in a better place to be stimulated by art – London.  I am so busy speaking that I could easily lose the capacity to listen: so busy projecting my own work that I am not seeing.  My next phase at The South bank, the arts centre where I am based, will include seeing more shows. Note to self.

It's going to be a gorgeous day. There's a grey morning sky and the night rain leaves the streets shiny.  Sometimes I like to look at puddles and only see the reflection.   When I do this the world is infinitely more interesting.  It's as if the puddles are the real world and we are walking in the bits inbetween.  There's a large puddle and it reflects the sky. If I jumped in the puddle would I fall through the sky. There's a childrens poem waiting to be written. 

2 thoughts on “Jump in the puddle and fall through the Sky

  1. Hi Lemn, this ist not a comment to your last post, but a way to contact and ask you about your poem 'A Flock of Sound'.
    About a year ago, I found it on the web, spoken by you. It's brilliant, and I'd love to listen to it again, but can't find it anywhere. Is it gone, or can you help me to find it?
    I'm a german student and would like to talk about your work in my final exams.

  2. Thanks Annerose
    I know the poem and maybe it used to be on here as a live recording. Not sure. I can't find it myself. It is a piece that I enjoy performing. Hope you can find it. I am doing a big redesign of this website and I will find and put it on. If I come acros it as a recording I will send it to you. it is around somewhere. Lemnx

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