Liverpool City of Culture.

Wake London 5am and get the early train to Liverpool The City of Culture 08. Walk from Lime St station  to Parr St Studios right in the middle of what feels like the culture quarter. Its got a very similar vibe to Manchester’s Northern Quarter – and to be honest, it’s better. This place is oozing art.  Liverpool is changing. Today is also the  announcement of  The Turner Prize at The Tate Gallery  in Liverpool.

There are cranes everywhere and the whole feel is of positive change. I walk to the
studios. There are about eight musicians from organisations such as The Liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra and Sensusound. I am here with Pete Moser and various musicians on The Long Walk.  I spend the day basically song editing  while live open rehearsals of the songs take place. Take  coffee at FACT

In the evening I give a short workshop in Hope University with some young talented people and then have the perfect Chinese with Pete,  back to an apartment and sleep. It’s been a
productive day. I just love being around musicians and music. Lyric and music, poetry and music  is a wonderful thing. I do not get the opportunity to do it enough.  The day began at 5am and ended at 11pm.




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