Martin Luther King Day Celebrations.

Probably the strangest at  The Martin Luther King Day Celebrations on Martin Luther King Jnr Boulevard in Los Angeles is the hearse. The advertising slogan on the side is Inglewood funeral directors, Thirty years of living the dream. What!?  Bringing up the rear black people on horseback with cowboy hats on. Fantastic. One thing comes to mind  and it isn't the integration of black people into the all american way but the genius Mel Brooks film. 
The police car below is from the time of Walter Mosley novels. The guy in the white jacket is the lord mayor of Los Angeles. Unfortunately Arnold was unavailable in LA. The governator of California was otherwise engaged. But right at the bottom there is Mr Stevie Wonder celebrating a day that he, through his tour in 1980, helped create. It is so good to be right here, right now.

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