A Manchester Weekend.

Spent a couple of days in Manchester over the weekend at The Malmaison Hotel and then at  Didsbury House.  Both hotels are good for home improvement design tips. Oh the rock and roll life I lead.  Visited friend Mark who with wife Kate  has just had another baby. 

On Saturday I read in manchester at The Museum of Science and Industry in The Machine Room surrounded by Cotton Mill Machinery.  It was part of The Museums Revealing Histories programme. It was while reading that I realised the qeue was for Bodyworks a totally different show at the same museum.  Took a trip to Whitworth Gallery in Manchester too to see their powerful exhibition.  I have  just finished the afterword for the  exhibition publication whcih will be coming out later this year.  

On Sunday went to Italian restaurant in Chorlton,  Palmiro,  for The Journalists fathers birthday. Very nice. Drove to Manchester on Friday and returned on Sunday. Took six hours to get there and five to return. Train travel wins hands down – it’s two and a half hours each way.

Driving in London is a total stress mess.  There’s no need, unless you’ve got children who you can send scouting for free parking spaces. They’re also useful when shopping cause you can leave them near the car, with a cell phoneon traffic warden watch.  You might guess that I don’t have any children. I don’t.

I’ve kick started my blog back into action now.




13 thoughts on “A Manchester Weekend.

  1. Not actually got there yet! Still want to go though. Aiming for a friday live music night. But will be eating Ethiopian for sure in Addis at the end of the month. I'm going there quite a bit at the moment.

  2. You are becoming an Addisian! What is the name of an Addis City Dweller. Someon from Lodon can cal themselves a Londoner. but what bout someone from Addis?

  3. Hi Lemin,
    I admire your writing and your courageous personality. I wish to be your student, may be one day.
    Selam Hun.

  4. I looked at the information at your website. Unfortunately, I am not in the UK. I go to school in the US. I hope one day you will teach in Ethiopia, she needs talented people like you.
    And I still hope I will one day be your student.
    If you can read and enjoy Amharic poems, you can check out my blog: http://metatef.org/wpmu/brango/
    Though I deeply love writing, I have not gone through a formal training on creative writing so far.
    Selam Hun

  5. Brango
    I can not see your website. I just get row after row of ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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