The Storm

It’s been a thunder-full week, “storms everywhere” screamed BBC News “The
End is Nigh
”. Fortunately it’s not nigh at all.   The worst that’s  happened to me so far is my trousers got sploshed as I  splished my way to a studio on a wet Tuesday morning.  Not the stuff of the ten oclock news is it?  

It’s at the BBC studios that I  finished a documentary on four radio four called The Black Boy. It’s a curious thirty minute investigation into the disappearance of pub signs called The Black Boy in which I  search the country for the true meaning of The Black Boy, who he was and why he’s disappearing.  It’ll be broadcast on March 24th.   

I don’t drink alcohol myself. With all that splishing and sploshing  I’ve chosen to stay  in most of this week and  put the final touches to Listener my next collection of poems out in October  on Canongate Books . By pressing SEND minutes ago I sent it off to Francis the editor.  It’s a real book day. Also at a conference in London my play Something Dark will be published by Oberon Books in a collection called Hidden Gems edited by Deidre Osborne.  Tonight I’m going to see my friend Whitney’s exhibition in soho

Most importantly and crucial to my artistic development I’ve ordered HALO 2 because there are battles to be won! Last night I made sweet and sour sauce with prawn fried
rice and it was delicious.  Deeeelicious.

7 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. storm in liverpool… great night of music making at the HOPE. Historic tunes and musical play. we told em in no uncertain terms.
    the deeppower . you have to see it again. with hannah
    it is too big. too strong. an amzing architecture of a piece with
    who is she what is she
    where is she
    whats she doing here……..
    lovely piece of work that i want you to enjoy
    would like to peform it with you… as the spoken word man
    wonder whether you'll read this
    my man
    in one of those apartments\like those we stayed in
    writing some of this DARN thing
    a litlle while ago
    can you give me any days ????
    tra mister

  2. hey Lemn,
    just got the 'hidden gems' book edited by Deirdre and it is great. The introduction is a fantastic critical overview of Black British Theatre from 2003 to the present.
    Something Dark was a page turner. Compelling reading, could not put the book down until I finished the play. Great to read after having seen the play over a year ago. Looking forward to the new collection.

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