All roads lead to Sunday.

I wrote the lyrics to a song called “In The Name of The Torch”.  On Sunday hundreds of singers will be outside  of The Royal Festival Hall on the banks of the Thames River as The Olympic Torch makes its way through and onwards to 10 Downing Street.

 “In the Name of The Torch” will sing out from outside  the festival hall over the
embankment across the river and into the sky.  London will be in a flood of song.   I’ll be
there too performing a short section of the piece.  There’ll be thousands of people, protesters and supporters all.  It’s a beautiful day today. And the weather forecast for Sunday: Snow.

2 thoughts on “All roads lead to Sunday.

  1. Dear Limn,
    We will hold the Voice of the Torch od Peace – T O G H E T E R in the name of love and gratitude to LIFE.
    Much peace,
    Elsa Rossi

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