You got to go with the Shlomo

It's been a busy week. I shouldn't say “busy”. It's as if I am not doing what I love doing. It's been an intense week. Having presented one award at the start of this week today I finished  the scripts for  another; The George Devine Award for The Royal Court Theatre. It's   a pleasure and  honour to be exploring  the work of such talented people. It's a serious business.  The prize is ten thousand pounds.

My friend Fred D'aguair writer and academic is here in June. Here is a guardian blog he wrote recently about the Virginia tech Massacre as he worked there.  Here is the blog I wrote that went in on monday.  On Sunday Riz Ahmed was on stage at The Baftas as a cast member of award winning Britz.  On Monday I was giving an award meanwhile Shlomo was less than a mile away, a nominee for the prs music awards. All of these people are Southbank artists in residence. Something is happening.

Shlomo has a podcast. I am on it. It's here . Got some great news today. My book Listener  will have a RANKIN Photograph on the cover. He is Britains most famous photographer. Nice person too,  very funny, which is kinda cool.  The picture was originally taken for the Royal Festival Hall.

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