The Agent of Change

Things are terrifically busy at the moment though I maintain that the most successful
people I know never seem busy and that “busy” is a state of mind. Therefore being busy is not my aim as an artist. The agents whom I work with are primarily defenders of creativity. Stopping the artist  engaging with the market as a marketeer so that he can concentrate on  the art is paramount. Secondly they can suggest and enable direction for he creative product. 
They are vital.

I have a new live gigs agent. Her name is Ruth Hay and she works four days a week for The Hay Festival.  I don’t need anyone to go find me any bookings. I  needed someone to deal with the tidal flow of enquiries which come in. This could be an enquiry from a
theatre in cape town or a library on the isle of wight,  The Big Chill festival or a reading in a pie shop in Stoke called Pie Minister. Ruth has been with me for a few months now and it seems to be working out well.

Gil Lloyd of Artsadmin is my projects manager and she is also executive producer at
Artsadmin a highly respected production company that has been around for twenty
years and is based in east London near where I live. Large projects include commissions for plays, public art commissions and some tours.  But I have just parted company with my literary agent who moved from Sheiland Associates and my broadcast agent whose role changed at William Morris Associates.  It’s the first time I have been without broadcast or literary agent for some years and it feels like being sort of naked. 

I’ve slipped off the lip into the soho soup of literary agencies and though I am neither waving nor drowning, I am sort of treading soup.  I’ve got offers for my memoir from major publishing houses and so much more.  I need to scoop myself out of the Soho soup and get some perspective.  I must go now, I haven’t googled myself for at least ten minutes. 

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