Summer Monday

Shlomo was on BBC radio Fours  today programme this morning. He is a Southbank centre  artist in residence and an  outstanding brilliant beat-box artist.  He’ll be on at the
South Bank this weekend in a sell out show.

Read The Story of Forgetting by Stephen Merill Block. I occasionally review books for
Simon Mayo’s Book Panel on Radio Five. It’ll be broadcast this Thursday. I have
one more similar sized book to read this week – The Lighted Rooms by Richard

Sister called me yesterday from Paris – she works in the city there, the financial district.   Spoke to a mother and wished her happy Mothers Day. It was Mothers Day yesterday in America, where she lives. So I called a day late,  but still I called.  It’s the first time in my adult life that I’ve wished a mother Happy  Mothers Day.

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