Sony Awards

Two programmes that I work on, albeit in small ways,   have won Sony Awards. They are The Simon Mayo Programme, I'll be there  Thursday at 3pm on radio five  and Saturday Live (radio four).  It's kinda good.  Went to the South Bank today and had various meetings.  The meeting with Rebecca Swift  from The Literary Consultancy, was very productive.

In the evening I travelled to Hammersmith and the home of George Devine, the founder of  the rebirth of The Royal Court Theatre. His home has a blue plaque on the wall and looks out upon the Thames. Five of us, the judging panel for The George Devine Award   finally whittled down the scripts to one clear winner.   The prize is £10,000, ($20,000) – it's alot of money.

4 thoughts on “Sony Awards

  1. £10,000 wow, id write a play in blood for that.Id love to be involved as im sure alot of people would Lemn in the plays and poetry.I know you would probably disagree but i dont think it is all set out for the un-educated? Simple thinking people? like me and others i know.I went to my daughters 6th form english parents evening, i just stared at the English teacher as she talked about the subject, she might as well have been talking Russian, it didnt sink in.I would love to learn more but its probably too late having spent too long in Jackies cafe wondering whats under the t-towel.Poetry is for the educated just like classic fm.James.

  2. If I received a play written in blood I'd immediately forward the writers name and address to the police.

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