Gwyneth Lewis The National poet of Wales.

There is something deeply satisfying about a day of administration. There’s something
enlivening about  striking lines through that  list of things to do,  and setting up meetings with people I like about matters I enjoy. Even paying bills is a pleasure. Seeing the red flag markers  disappear after replying to long overdue emails is pleasing.  Futurity is good because the present is now.    The entire day strikes me as confirmation.

I went to a poetry reading tonight at Oxfam in Marleybone, read there too.  Note to self, beware those who use the term Experimental poetry.    Nothing a poet likes more than reading in a bookshop. I love it. I would forgo the stage any day, for the bookshop.  To be surrounded by them  while reading from them is a big hearted pleasure.  I’m amongst friends.It reminds me of when I began reading poetry to audience in the late 80’s. Independent bookshops with their scraggly critical customer base and eccentric dedicated
workers used to be the lifeblood of new poetry. Poets are scraggly too, independent and dedicated..  

The reading ended after the audience had enough of being pummelled with the self regarding personality of Oxfams Poet In Residence and I crossed the road with National
Poet of Wales, Gwyneth Lewis where we met up with The Journalist and ate at Strada  till our hungry hearts were contented. Now if you want to see a poet, there’s a poet, Gwyneth Lewis. Lewis shall be on a fellowship at Harvard University for a year from September.

So there we were writers the three of us, fed up.  By fed up I mean, we had just eaten! A cab was hailed, Gwenyth went to her hotel in Kings Cross while the journalist and I continued.  Home draws closer under a full, full  moon. The best performance of the evening goes to The Full Moon.


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  1. Yep! Gwenyth Lewis is a very fine poet, she has made me gasp and dive into her minds eye, (whilst standing in the now de-funct, kaput, no more Borders bookshop Islington), pop music was playing as it often and annoyingly was in Borders) but I was in her world as I read, well the world she'd created in poetry, a jewel-like, magical yet corporeal world, those experiences are akin to the discoveries in physics, the possibilities uncovered and explored…..I think art and science are twins both born of a sense of wonder.
    Loved this blog Lemn, one I'd not read before. That line about the moon is gorgeous and is exactly how one feels when encountering that perfect, glowing, mysterious orb, you can't help but look up into it's 'face' and stand opened-mouthed echoing it's own expression. Btw, you don't strike me as being at all scraggly! xx

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