Hackney to Gaberone.

Get packed. Get taxi. get to airport. Get on plane. Get to meet Roger Robinson. Get into air. Get to talk until evening. get to sleep for a couple of hours. Arrive next day in the morning in Botswana.  get to hotel.

4 thoughts on “Hackney to Gaberone.

  1. Why are you so self-obsessed and bloated of ego? I do not understand this. (Not talking about this blog post in particular but your blog in general and your propensity to constantly brag about how many performances you're invited to and so on). I guess humility is not something you value at all.

  2. Why are you so rude and insulting? I do not understand this. Your comments show that you do not know Lemn at all. He has a very busy hectic life and finds time to share it with others. You have the choice not to read his blog. I guess good manners are not something you value at all.

  3. Mr. Sissay
    I saw you last night in Gaborone and I just wanted to let you know that your reading of Invisible Kisses was simply lovely. It brought me to tears. It was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had at a performance poetry session. Thank you so much.
    Lauri Kubuitsile

  4. Why I blog? It is a question I have answered within the blog on various occasions and one which I never tire of answering in that it may enlighten people. However, it is always worth checking ones motivations.
    Family is a place where the existance of each individual is recorded by the other. This invisible process often becomes unrecognised in the complications of the detail. But beneath the details of experience and their various translations lies the simple act of recognition. T
    This is most evident in birthdays, births, deaths and marriages., ways for family to confirm the relativity of individuals within it. I have spent most of my life entirely without family and therefore this blog is a fundamental point of record that I was alive at any given time, so too my books, recordings and “career”.
    If a tree falls in the forest without anyone hearing or seeing it, then did it fall and was it there…. I hope that this helps answer the question why I blog, a question, I see, that you never asked.

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