Naomi Campbell in Botswana

Got a strange facebook request  earlier this week,  from Naomi Campbell, and the request is to be her facebook friend.  Not sure it is real. Not sure why Naomi Campbell would want to be my friend on facebook.  I see Diran Adebayo is also her friend.  I’ll send him a note and see what gives.

Tonight is  the final performance. One thousand people at the power in the voice festival turn up to the GICC building in Gaberone’s most prestigious venue.  Gaberone  (said Haberonay) i s a city of two hundred thousand  people and Botswana has about one point seven million people.

It is a small and peaceful  country. The ex presidents wife is here and the presidents wife is in the audience.  I cut my set down from twenty minutes to ten.  It’s a dynamic, thunderous gig, a bit storm like.  



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