Watch 1995 BBC Documentary on My Search

I made a thirty minute BBC TV documentary on the search for the fathers side of the famly. It is now on youtube in three parts.  It is called Internal Flight and you can watch it in three ten minute sections  here.

8 thoughts on “Watch 1995 BBC Documentary on My Search

  1. I saw that last week and was astonished when you found a bit of plane from your Dads crash? I wish there was footage of Something Dark somewhere I would really like to see it. Internal Flight helped me understand why you do what you do .
    Anyway have a peaceful and nourishing time there…life is intense .
    Like the advert on telly for some airline suggests… 'let yourself go…' 🙂

  2. Oh Lemn, this is such a moving story. When you got to the point of talking on the phone and asking for your father's name… and you wrote the letter G I knew it would be Ghidei before you wrote it. I knew him very well and the puzzle that was going through my mind about you clicked, because you are his spitting image, and the puzzle in my mind was immediately resolved. A truely amazing story loaded with emotional upheaval. Seble

  3. When I read your BBC interview dating back to 2006 and watched the recent videos I got goose bumps as I realised there is someone who shares my experiences and emotional traumas. I have no words but I feel very close to you Lemn. I wish you can breeth lightly and freely one day. That is what I hope for myself as well.
    I have left my friend request on your facebook, just for you to see who is talking to you.
    Warm regards,

  4. Didnt realise it was so bad at Woodend, i used to hang around outside but then go home to my own bed. I know there was a lot of anger and frustration coming from that building, now i know why, sorry mate. Great to see that you met with some of youre family hope it makes things a little easier. James (bunny).

  5. Dear Lemn, here are Claudia and husband Meseret from Vienna, Austria. We are deeply impressed about all your work and brave engagement. Ethiopia is wonderful, full of culture and noble people. On our website on Ethiopia in German we have quoted you to spread your important word to our people here ( Thank you so much, we have also left a facebook request for you. Best regards, Claudia & Meseret

  6. You should have never been in that place for that amount of time …I was in there for 5-6 weeks , but I was a naughty person who got into trouble on a probation order ….I was just very mixed up and very unhappy at the time ….I can only surmise that all that regimentation was intended to be a shock to sort you out back then .

    To be fair some of the staff were absolutely great . The reason they gave for all that intensive supervision was that there was no bars on the windows . The reason for strip searches was that they didn’t want a trade in contraband like cigarettes and the bullying that might go with it .

    It’s utterly absolutely ridiculous , petty , small minded and spiteful …… moving people from your relatively stable background that have had no trouble with the police to a place when people would rather be sentenced to Borstal or Detention Centre than get a care order .

    If ?? they had to do something like that …you should have been sent temporally ! to a place like Red Bank Community Home – the old fashioned approved schools .

    Fortunately I’d a good social worker and ex probation officer …and I got home trial …..I was terrified of ending up back there ….the slightest thing like a scuffle at school could send you back .

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