Bishop Desmond Tutu on the day my book arrives

Lufthansa touches down at London Heathrow at 8.45am. At 11am I arrive at  Fen
Court in The City of London. A sculpture inscribed with The Gilt of Cain, my poem,  awaits its unveiling at 11am.


Bishop Desmond Tutu   with his trademark smile and open arms floats in with his son Mthunzi Gxashe. The heavens open their arms too and as  rain falls down umbrellas flip up. Speeches are delivered and as the Bishop unveils the plaque  the rain simply stops.

I step upon the podium and read the poem  The Gilt of Cain.   It  shall be here in The City of London for an hundred years or more,   to commemorate the abolition of The Slave Trade Act by William Wilberforce.  David Mcalmont sings Amazing Grace and as he did it was magical to watch the secret opening windows of the office blocks that surround the square. The writer of that great song  was once a preacher  at the church which was  built on this ground.

As the event ends the Bishop leaves and  I get into a taxi  home with the journalist,  were  a package awaits. It is the final copy of my book Listener.  It’s good to be home.


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