Sheffield: Off The Shelf Festival

I travel from Durham back down country to Sheffield and it's beautiful train station. I know that sounds a bit nerdy but if you see the station and how it has been totally transformed you will see what I mean: an elongated  steel sphere snakes from the station, water pours along it. It's beautiful.

The event is in the pod, a famous sheffield buildng which was once the nations centre for pop music. The reading is a success.  I read with poet Patience Agbabi.  Back at the hotel we meet John Bird the founder of The Big Issue.  He's a nice man. A very nice man. We all three chat for an hour while his hosts look over. 

Soon enough myself and Patience turn in while the man with a younger spirit than anyone in the hotel walks away arms open wide to great his well wishing hosts. Everytime I see John Bird he is the same man, sharp as a pin.  I absolutely loved the reading tonight. The books sold out and the vibe was good and welcoming!  These blogs are short and probably uninteresting but I am just recording snapshots on tour,.

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