The Race to Poetry International

I wake at 7am then on the train at 10am from  Sheffield  to London. I arrive at one oclock on a saturday afternoon then get straight to the studio in Soho  at 2pm to do a down the line BBC radio  interview  with Christine Hall who is making a documentary about The Arvon Foundation.   I am really not in the mood to be interviewed. I feel inarticulate and tired.

Coincidentally Christine is the person who approached Patience (with whom I was on stage last night) to make a documentary that went out on BBC Radio 4 on National Poetry Day a week or so ago. I am disatisfied with my answers in the interview but get home to hackney  for 4pm. I am shattered.  At 5pm I am fast asleep and at 8pm I wake. Tonight is the launch of poetry international at The South Bank. It's too late. 

But I have to be awake at 7am to be at the BBC studio tomorrow for a live interview on drivetime BBC London Radio. Truth is, I knew I couldn't go tonight. But I know it has gone well.

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