The Saturday Club

I am up at 8am and for the first time this month on my bike. I've missed my bike. I race from Hackney through islington to angel down to kings cross and up the euston road to Marleybone. Marleybone is beautiful in the morning, as the shops are waking and the stylish Italian cafe's hiss with  espresso machine bluster.

I call into the BBC London studio and do a lively interview. I get on my bike and home. It took about fifty minutes each way.  I do a little admin in the afternoon. Basically this means that I download my emails and look at the list of things that I have no time to do. By five oclock I am in a cab to Stratford Circus as tonight I am hosting The Saturday CLub.

It's an evening in East London which provides opportunity for the developing and established artist. It's an amazing night filled with magicians, comedians jazz playing trapeze artists, musicians and Teh Saturday Club Ensemble. Expect The Unexpected at The Saturday Club.   It was thoroughly enjoyable and hard work. Being the MC is not an easy job and not something I do, but this The Saturday CLub is wonderful and works – on lots of levels –  for me.  I'm home for midnight asleep by 2am.

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