Tonight was press night for Why I Don’t hate White People at The Hammersmith Lyric . The Times, The telegraph, The Guardian, Time Out were there.  As an actor the play realised itself, it became itself.  The torturous rehearsals and the previews all came into their own.  The play became more than the sum of its parts.

None of this is to pre-empt reviews.   You don’t as an actor perform  for the audience though the audience is the next most important part of the show. The play’s the thing right.  I can not be a member of the audience. A  critic is the keen member of  audience.  

All I can do is concentrate on the job with  discipline and spirit. And  I can only judge my own performance by my adherence to those two criteria.  It is the greatest respect that I can give to the audience.

This probably all sounds arsey. What i am trying to say is that tonight the show was brilliant. The heads from Artsadmin, my producers came. The new artistic director of The Lyric came, The head of literature from the Southbank came,  Deborah May the producer of the Channel four film came.  All god people and they loved it. And I loved doing it.   That’s what i really wanted to say.

It was a sell out tonight.  The Journalist came too. Afterwards there was food and drink and we were all high on the play. I'm proud. The true test  is whether I can  do this tomorrow night. I give myself eight out of ten for tonight. And I am not sure that doing this blog about the show is such a good thing.

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