To The Batcave Batman!

I step off the plane at 11.30pm today and at noon  get a call. “we’re meeting at 1.30pm yes” said Phil Korbell managing director of Radio Regen. He was coming to meet me at The Southbank to talk about a live art project to be written by prolific radio
playwright  Lavinia Murray.  

I trundle my luggage an hour from the airport through to  the festival hall, onwards to The Riverside Rooms  and within two hours of being off the plane I’m discussing the project  with Phil at my office.  He’s an old friend and colleague.  The Thames river slides past outside my window and I wonder if it is the river moving or  The Riverside Rooms.

But the jetlag is nice.  I feel kinda stoned.  I get home late and the journalist is not
happy. I’d called her from the airport at 12 and said I was coming home but
only arrived at 6pm. Not very good of me that: not very good at all. 

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