If you do the Rime you must do the Time!

The week is steaming ahead.  I arrive at Southbank centre at 9.30am to meet Elizabeth Alker the producer of the radio documentary on Gil Scott Heron. We are sorting out visas
and all for New York. 

At 10am I meet Sian Mclellan – check spelling – (head of Learning and Participation)  at The Southbank Centre along with a person (check name)  from  The Young Vic Theatre.   We discuss  Rime of The Ancient Mariner .  I can’t think of a more gorgeous thing to do
than sit in the cafe of the royal festival hall and discuss this magnificent poem at ten in the morning.  

In July there will be a procession, a performance of Rime,  from The Young Vic Theatre to The Southbank Centre on the Thames. The meeting is a success and enjoyed by all.  This part of a project  is always lush  because it is all about ideas and tangential thinking which I enjoy.    I scoot back to The Riverside Rooms. 

And then at 1pm i catch the district line from Embankment to Ealing and West London College. I am stood in front of one hundred students. The event lasts an hour and a quarter.   I get back on the district line scoot back into central London walk over the embankment and arrive at The Poetry Library on 6th Floor to discuss The art project concerned with  the manuscript of the poems that have been collected from around the southbank over this past year.

I arrive late and I’m miffed  cause the meeting was a last minute addition and now I look like an arse. Anyway it’s a good one. But I have to leave early too. SO I gets back to my  The Riverside Rooms have a telephone meeting with my agent, book a car from Avis for tomorrow and go home. But the truth is, there’s a ton of work to do there, connected with
Visa and online applications. The journalist is away so I work through till ten and then hit the sack, jack! It’s the truth, Ruth!

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