Highlights of The Week

I  finished scripting “Into The Gap” a documentary today.   I am recording on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th  at The BBC.   I hear  my book Rebel Without Applause is part of the Emory Douglas Black Panther  exhibition at Urbis in Manchester.  I get an invite to Namibia too which is nice. 

Confirmation came through for a weeks performance at The  Edinburgh Fringe Festival and some more dates in South Africa came in too  The Gil Scott Heron interview is in edit and I shall  scripting on Wednesday 25th  Thursday 26th next week. 

I received news from my projects manager this week that  I shall be returning to BBC Radio Four’s Saturday Live which is exciting.   I have been in the Southbank centre four days of  this week. I arrived at 9am and left  at 6pm. Except Friday when I fly to Sweden.

Tonight saw Inua Elams at Arcola, my local theatre   in Hackney east London.  I have always wanted to go to Arcola. This was my first time.   It is the week of Mothers Day. I should call New York. I shall do that.  I shall wish her happy Mothers Day. I have never done that before.  But I think this time I will. Maybe Mothers Day is connected to the other most significant day of this year:  Sunday is the first Day of Spring.

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