Imagine the world leader  who turns up a week late for the G8 talk.   Imagine the email  to the other world leaders  “sorry folks, thought it was next week – got my  diary mixed up. Mother coming down… Hands full.  Can we reschedule?”   Or the military commander who  turns up a day late for the war. “guys I just got out the bath and realised, it’s not  next week, it’s today… sorry”.  

This past week every single one of the Southbank centre workers has received an email to say that my documentary on Gil Scott Heron is broadcast today at 11.30am. That’s over one thousand people from the Chief Executive to the security guards.  Then there’s every person on my facebook  list,    over one thousand five hundred.

Just about everyone thinks the documentary is going out today at 11.30am.  Yesterday I found out it isn’t. It’s next week on Tuesday 21st April at 11.30am.   Here are the official details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00js8d1 I thought I would spend this entire
week avoiding facebook but this morning I faced up to facebook cause lets face it, on the face of it, I made a mistake.  Sorry


1 thought on “Mistaken

  1. We all make mistakes at some time in our lives. You have acknowledged you made the mistake and has apologised.
    That was the decent thing to do.
    Do enjoy your weekend

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