Where no person has gone before

I cycle to La Bouche on Broadway market for a coffee with Fiona Renshaw who has recorded her album and is in fine fettle. Fiona and I knew each other in Manchester.   We sit and chat. Fiona is good people.   Megan Price who works for Babycow productions and who is making a half hour documentary on myself passes by and joins us.  Coincidentally megan has a copy of the rough edit and passes it to me. Perfect start to the day.  After two hours I cycle onto the canal and get to Southbank centre.

There’s an immediate meeting with Vicky Long from Cape Farewell about our event in
July.  And then  a suprise visit from Duwayne Brooks.  Duwayne Brooks is the young
man who survived the attack that killed his best friend  Stephen Lawrence and was then hunted by the police as if it were he who was the criminal. This resulted in the Macpherson
which changed British policing forever.   His event at Southbank centre with friend
and  journalist Simon Hattenstone was one of the best I’ve put on at the Southbank.  He’s now a councillor for the liberal democrats in Lewisham. It’s an incredible story.

Afterwards I meet with artist in residence and kathak dancer Gauri.  We have an idea for an event. The meeting is inspiring. Shlomo is in the office with Gillian Moore head of contemporary arts at the southbank centre  and  The Riverside Rooms feels like a hub
of activity… the way it should be… After the Gauri meeting I watch the Babycow productions rough edit of their film on me “The Writers Room” it features Southbank centre and it is actually brilliant piece of work.   Five oclock comes along quickly and I get on
my bike and speed off to Leicester square cause the journalist has got tickets.

We’re  here to see an exclusive screening of the new star trek film before even the premier. There’s two thousand people here and  The Empire. is on its best behaviour.  Security is tight.  We hand our cell phones to the s and enter the art deco theatre. There are mounted cameras trained on the audience. Security guards with night vision binoculars stand in the side aisles.  Nobody but nobody is going to record the film for Youtube.  For the next hour I watch. It’s as quickly forgotten as it was watched. I loved it though.   I cycle home and arrive at  11pm.

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