Applause sounds like tropical rain…

At noon I catch a train from Cape Town to  Kalk Bay on the coast to visit my very good friend Magesh. We spend enough hours together to find each other again after years apart.  It’s a wonderful meeting as the waves crash outside of the Brass Ring restaurant.  Rain disappears and the sun arrives as mist lifts from the mountains.  All this in a few
hours of conversation. As it is.

I arrive back to Cape Town for five. The train journey is a full blog in itself. Blind men and Xhosa speakers stand outside this blog asking for entrance.   By 8pm I arrive  at The
Africa Centre on Longmarket for my reading.  By 10PM I am on stage. The significance of reading here in South Africa at this time  is not lost upon me.   I can only give my best.

At the end of reading the audience are chanting for more. An encore;  I am always moved by an encore for poems. They are my family, my poems, and I a proud father stand back as the audience applauds them.  The applause sounds like rain, like tropical rain. 

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